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Laguna Pueblo Sister, Deb Haaland Visits Hopi homelands

With the Hopi traditional Sun symbol behind them, Hopi Tribal Leadership welcomed Madam Secretary, Deb Haaland at the tribal headquarters in Kykotsmovi, AZ on May 21, 2023. The Secretary of the Interior was here to personally see the development of…

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“Yung ya pu” Hopi Basketry Collection

The Hopi word for Third Mesa Basketry is “Yung ya pu”, a handcraft tradition that is indigenous to the Americas. The Hopi Cultural Preservation Office website is a good reference for a history of the Yungyapu Basket Weaving tradition by…

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Hwy 264 Look-See

Arizona State Route 264 is an out-of-the-way roadway that you may want to drive if you have time detouring off Route 66. It has a few gas stations far and between, small C-Stores but lots of Hopi and Navajo people…

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See Hopi Homelands

Photo Credits: MFredericks, 2023

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Hopi Moon Calendar

The Hopi lunar cycles mark new beginnings. This moon marks the start of our cyclic Hopi Life Plan. Look outside and see the new Hopi moon, we call “Paa muya”. This signals the ceremony of “Soyal” – new life. Prayers…

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