Hopi Photography Policy

Hopi Basketry Design

  • We are Hopi.
  • This is our homeland since time immemorial.
  • Please Do Not Take Photographs while visiting the Hopi Villages. Respect the Village Entrance signs prohibiting photographs.
  • We are a living community and ask visitors to respect our family and cultural privacy.
  • You may visit the Hopi Villages to create a visual experience and memory that is based on understanding and respect of each other.
  • Ways that you can be a responsible and respectful visitor is to visit just as you would like a Hopi person to visit you in your own home.
  • Questions that we encourage you to ask is:

How do the Hopi people live?

What is the educational system for Hopi children?

What art, music and culture is of importance to the Hopi?

How can I help the Hopi community? 

What is the main take away message you would like us to know?