“Meaning of the Past”

Healing Touch

It was a historic day in Indian Country yesterday. Our sister, Madam Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland was tracing her own footprints on the lands of her ancestors, the Bear’s Ears National Monument in Southern Utah.

The politics is not lost on indigenous people, as her visit was more respectful of all the various constituencies who are concerned about this landscape. Never to be forgotten was the previous “be nice” head petting of a Native American woman by the former Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, signifying his disregard of the voices of native people. Actions speak louder than words.

As the legal challenges to the Bear’s Ears National Monument will be eventually decided by the U. S. Supreme Court, we can work towards common ground between Indian Tribes and opponents for a better understanding of why this landscape is important.

Please read the poetic writing of a Hopi individual who better expresses the Hopi Connections to what is at stake for the Hopi Tribe, by Lyle Balenquah. fte-studio.com

Hisat’sinom to Hopi: Establishing Cultural Affiliation in the Bears Ears Landscape

Line of Sight

3 Comments on ““Meaning of the Past”

  1. Hello Marilyn  thank you for sharing words and images, writing from Lyle. Yes it is an auspicious time on Cedar Mesa. I just returned from 2 days in the back-country looking at old growth juniper trees. So much more learning……

  2. thank you for  sharing Marilyn  also thoughtful. I have been thinking a lot about how the monument will be reborn. We can continue the conversation on the river….. janet  

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