A Rebirth of Hopi Voices


Mother Corn

U’yis muyaw, the planting moon marks the lunar cycle for the new Hopi planting season. The indigenous, drought resistant Mother Corn is reverently selected and cleaned by the women for planting by the Hopi males. A new beginning of an ancient life plan of the Americas begins anew.

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7 Comments on “A Rebirth of Hopi Voices

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am eager to see future posts..and love this significant illustration.

  2. Appreciate your news and insight into the Hopi Way. Wonder if you could comment on some of the ceremonies, and their meaning?

    • The Hopi Life Plan is determined for a Hopi infant who becomes a human being in this life, from birth to death. We aspire to live as a “hopi” that is an ancient way of life. Each day is an effort to live a life that is respectful of all living beings, seen and unseen. We do not try to convert others yet many seek to “know”. We are still here. Thank you for your interest in the Hopi people and life ways.

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